Friday, 2 March 2012

The Bargainister's Bargains!

For as long as I remember a bargain has excited me, I don't care where it comes from, flea markets, charity shops, big shops, small shops or ebay. I have an almost reverse snobbery thing going on, just love it when people ask where I got something from and I can say a charity shop for £5! Of course when I first started it was not fashionable at all, not like it is today and some people were very sniffy about it! I worked at Browns yonks ago, the epitome of cutting edge and horrendously expensive which was out of bounds to me, but one day I wore a great check 50s skirt and a girl who worked there was admiring it and asked where I had bought it, I could have lied but I told her honestly that I purchased it from a charity shop, well......she looked at me as though I had pooed on her shoe!! I hate snobs with a vengence, especially clothes snobs, having worked in fashion and knowing what the mark up is if people want to spend squillions on a piece of clothing more fool them! Don't get me wrong, something like Chanel Haute Couture is worth every penny for the amazing workmanship, and of course it's a personal thing!

I do have some lovely pieces which have been bought for me and I am very grateful thank you very much, but personally I would rather give my money to the charities that run the shops I frequent which means just about every charity shop I come across, cannot walk past one without going in. It feels like Christmas to me when I enter one, full of interesting stuff, and you never know what you might find. My friends say I can sweep a room with a glance and find that one great find! So this blog is dedicated to all the little bits of treasure I have found, too numerous to mention all my past finds but will start from now, here a my lates finds and I will be posting photos of all my bargains from now on and to show that you don't have to have a lot of money to be able to look smart and stylish!

A Louis Vuitton briefcase which I don't acually take out be keep all my important document, £9.99

A Louis Vuitton pure silk scarf, £7.99

A pure silk Aquascutum scarf £4.99 I also have a lovely Aquascutum Raincoat, brand new for £20

Pretty fine glass toile vase £2

24ct gold laquer Japenese box I keep my precious bits of jewellery in, I put them in plastic covers so they don't tangle 

Fantastic Hungarian Herend Box, £4.99, go for hundreds

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  1. Hello Barbara
    Wonderful post, the LV silk scarf and briefcase are amazing, love the Hungarian Herend box. I too frequent the charity shops, here in Canada we call them the "Sally Ann" or "Second Hand Thrift". I'm enjoying your blog, very much...I'll carry on.